A new approach for training and testing audio machine learning models

Accelerate your AI development
Effortlessly create vast, high-quality datasets using Treble’s advanced cloud platform, enhancing your AI development process.
Superior data quality
Reproduce real-world sound behaviors, including subtle details like phase shifts and diffraction patterns.
Custom datasets
Datasets with deep synthetic complexity and variety including relevant metadata

Comprehensive Synthetic Audio Datasets

Our cloud-based synthetic data generation tool enables audio teams to work faster and produce better machine learning models. Say goodbye to collecting data using measurements and instead create much larger datasets of rich and realistic audio scenes in just a few hours. Synthetic datasets simulate different room sizes, materials, and furnishings. Versatility ensures robustness in real-world situations. The tool is built on our proprietary simulation technology which enables modeling sound sources and receivers with great precision and acoustic propagation in complex domains. Train and test speech recognition, echo cancellation, beamforming, noise suppression, de-reverberation, blind room estimation and any other audio machine learning model.

Treble Value proposition

High-fidelity acoustic simulation training data for a wide range of use cases

Custom datasets

Create thousands of customized rich audio scenes by configuring sound sources, receivers, environments and materials.

Accurate sound propagation

Capture real-world acoustic behavior, including details like phase, thanks to Treble’s wave-based acoustic modeling.

Automated virtual world generation

Our platform automatically generates thousands virtual worlds with deep synthetic complexity.

Real sound sources

Model human speech, loudspeakers and other sources with arbitrary directivity patterns.

Dynamic datasets

Include moving sound sources with time varying source conditions.

The metadata you need

Access a wide variety of labels including ones that are not available from human labelers.

Treble Software Development Kit (SDK)

Scale your data generation

Utilize Treble’s acoustic simulation technology in your own solutions. Treble's cutting-edge wave base acoustic simulation technology has the ability to integrate with a variety of platforms and tools through our SDK. This means that Treble's acoustic simulation technology can be easily integrated into an existing workflow, providing seamless and efficient experience. With next-generation wave-based acoustic simulation technology and intuitive SDK, Treble is the ultimate tool for sound and acoustics simulation.

Build your acoustic solution on a solid foundation

Easily integrate into existing workflow for a seamless experience. Next-gen wave-based technology and intuitive SDK make Treble the ultimate tool for sound and acoustics simulations.

Discover our synthetic audio data generation technology

Treble's innovative technology provides a unique solution for generating high-fidelity acoustic simulation training data for a wide range of use cases

Generate large amounts of synthetic audio data for training, testing, and validating of models. With Treble training data you can generate synthetic data sets with specified distributions of source and receiver placements for different rooms. These rooms can vary in size, materials, and furnishing density, providing users with a comprehensive range of simulation scenarios.

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