Better sounding buildings

Our room acoustic simulation technology empowers architects and engineers to precisely and efficiently design and optimize building acoustics.

Treble car
Treble car

Accurate simulations

Utilizing the world’s fastest wave-based sound simulation technology, over 100 times faster than current standards, we revolutionize the design and optimization of sound and acoustics.

Seamless workflow

Our cloud-based platform, requiring no hardware or software installation, integrates seamlessly with your 3D modeling tools, transforming workflows by reducing time-to-results from weeks to mere minutes.

Fully fledged acoustics design and analysis suite

  • Powered by Treble’s patented wave-based / geometrical acoustics hybrid simulation algorithms.
  • Model complex acoustic phenomena such as diffraction, interference, scattering and phase with unrivalled accuracy and speed
  • For more information on our simulation tech - download our white paper here!

Treble Interview series

How Henning Larsen brought more honest architecture and less resources to a US project

Jakob is a Director of Innovation and Sustainability and partner at Henning Larsen, where he is responsible for developing innovative visions and solutions within the field of sustainable design.

One-click immersive auralization

  • Interactive, real-time, immersive audio-visual auralizations by one click
  • Design rich soundscapes and compare design iterations on the fly
  • Communicate acoustics intuitively to clients and stakeholders

Optimal workflow and user friendly interface

  • Live-link integration into leading 3D modeling tools such as Sketchup
  • Run an unlimited number of simulations simultaneously with no reduction in computational resources
  • All history backed and safely secured in the cloud


Using Treble’s virtual sound simulation platform in the design of the Uppsala Town Hall, we could for the first time integrate sound into our architectural design process. The end result is a more sustainable and healthy building, both for the users and the environment.
Jakob Stromann-Andersen
Partner, Director of Innovation and Sustainability
Henning Larsen

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