Smarter audio equipment

We are working with leading audio equipment companies and helping them making audio products better.

Significantly improve the quality of audio products with fast and accurate virtual prototyping simulations.

We help audio equipment companies make smarter audio equipment that can adapt to particular conditions of environment and remove background noise and echoes in voice pickups, which leads e.g. to better speech recognition and better videoconferencing quality

Why virtual prototyping works

The benefits of virtual prototyping have been widely established, e.g., physical prototypes can be avoided, design mistakes are spotted sooner and optimization capabilities greatly increase. The Treble platform enables seamless virtual prototyping of audio products. Moreover, because of Treble's efficient simulation technology, platform can be used in large scale problems, such as simulating audio devices in hundreds of thousands of different scenarios, which enables devices to adjust to all possible scenarios and greatly improves performance.

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