Next generation sound design software

Unprecedented accuracy

Treble’s technology is based on years of R&D, done in collaboration with leading universities. The technology is up to 1000x faster than current technologies, resulting in a complete paradigm shift in how simulation can be used to design and optimize sound.

Authentic sound in the virtual world

With our technology it is for the first time possible to generate perceptually authentic sound in the virtual world. Realistic sound been shown to be a critical component that highly influences the depth of immersion and the credibility of virtual experiences.

Online platform

By offering an online platform with zero hardware and software footprint, we enable a new seamless and collaborative workflow, reducing time-to-results from weeks to minutes. Our technology has been proven to solve pressing problems faced by various industries via numerous pilot projects.

Experience how your design sounds and feels

Step into your 3D models, walk around and interact with your design in a real-time audio-visual virtual experience. Get an intuitive feeling for your space and climate.