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Who are we?

Treble is one of the fastest growing startups in Iceland. Despite being a young company, we are hugely ambitious and have managed to assemble a group of highly sought-after talent from around the world. We are well funded and have won numerous awards globally for our tech and vision. The team consists of a diverse group of specialists in audio/acoustics, software development, mathematical modelling, and business. Joining Treble at this stage means becoming a part of a lean, family friendly and fun, yet driven organization.

  • Highly flexible and family friendly workplace
  • Great morale and a fun-loving, vibrant atmosphere
  • First class facilities and equipment
  • Exceptional coffee

Want to create a better sounding world?

Sales Manager

We are looking for a high-performing Sales Manager. The successful candidate will help us launch our software within the building industry and consumer electronics (and down the road in other target markets as well). Our Sales manager will participate in the development of sales and distribution strategy and undertake its execution. Responsibilities include execution of key sales growth strategies, tactics and action plans.

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Marketing Specialist

We are looking for someone who loves writing engaging content, is great with words, an awesome storyteller and highly organised. Our Marketing Specialist will be focused on creating engaging marketing content for Treble and will focus on content, copywriting, revision, and publishing for our website, email campaigns, advertisements, videos, and other marketing & sales activities. Our ideal candidate is a creative marketing professional, preferably with a writing background.

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Finance Manager

We are looking for a digitally oriented and tech savvy finance guru to become our finance manager and play a massive role in the exciting journey we at Treble are on. Our Finance Manager will play a crucial role in all further success and growth by making sure Treble’s financial health is tip-top. You will oversee everyday financial activities, prepare and manage budgeting and forecasting and subsequently provide strategic advice and financial guidance to the Treble’s upper management, and thus play a strategic role within the company.

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Engineering Project Manager

We are seeking a strong project manager to support our multidisciplinary engineering team at Treble Technologies. Our team consists of brilliant engineers from many different disciplines, who are working together on creating next generation sound simulation software. You will be part of the team, ensuring that the team is pulling in the same direction.

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Computational Geometry Specialist

Are you passionate about geometry, 3D modeling, automating workflows and creating cutting edge technology that has massive impact? Do you want to help make the world a better sounding and less noisy place? We are seeking an experienced computational geometry specialist. As a part of our innovative product development team, you would be involved in creating solutions for seamlessly connecting any type of virtual environment to the Treble sound simulation and sound rendering platform.

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Spatial Audio Software Engineer

We are seeking an audio software engineer with experience in developing audio software systems, particularly relating to spatial audio and/or game audio. You will participate in building our real-time spatial audio and virtual acoustics system. This system is set to disrupt the world of sound in virtual worlds, enabling previously unattainable accuracy and perceptual authenticity. You will join our highly interdisciplinary core engine team and work closely with our experts in acoustics, mathematical modeling, signal processing, software engineering machine learning and geometry processing.

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Senior Software Engineer

We are seeking a senior software engineer with substantial experience in low-level software development. The position in question is highly multifaceted, spanning across C++ coding, high-performance computing, real-time computing, audio programming and cloud infrastructure. Your role will be to contribute to the development of our cutting-edge sound simulation and spatial audio algorithms – making them faster, more robust, and flexible. You will join our highly interdisciplinary core engine team and work closely with our experts in acoustics, mathematical modeling, signal processing, machine learning and geometry processing, as well as other software engineers.

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Machine Learning Specialist

We are looking for an experienced machine learning specialist with a broad set of skills in computational modeling and statistical analysis, preferably in the context of audio or acoustics or other time-series dominated domains. In this position, you will develop advanced algorithms and computational modeling techniques relating to real-time spatial audio rendering, virtual acoustics, and signal processing, with the ultimate goal of advancing state-of-the art technologies for designing and perceiving sound in digital twins and virtual worlds. You will have the chance to dive deep into a wide range of exciting state-of-the-art topics within scientific machine learning, software development and acoustics/audio.

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Open Position – General Application

We are always on the lookout for brilliant people to join our team. If you want to apply for a position that is not listed on our careers page you can send in your application here