The Treble Platform

Accessible, realistic and cost-effective

Create acoustic simulations with accuracy and ease with the world’s fastest wave-based sound simulation technology

Treble is a fully-fledged cloud-powered acoustic simulation platform with endless possibilities when it comes to creating virtual or real-life sound experiences

Access the world’s fastest wave-based sound simulation technology and start simulating with accuracy and ease
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Accurate and scaleable with a seamless workflow

Accurate wave-based simulations

Treble’s proprietary simulation technology enables virtual prototyping and synthetic audio generation with previously unattainable accuracy.

Up to 1000x faster than the state of the art

Academic research shows that Treble’s wave-based simulation technology is up to 100-1000x faster than state of the art wave-based solutions.

Perceptual authenticity

Generate immersive audio-visual virtual listening experiences with great perceptual authenticity.

Seamless workflow

Live link connections to industry standard 3D modeling tools and gaming engines. A modern and user-friendly web-based user interface.

Unlimited scalability

Entirely cloud-based platform. Run thousands of simulations simultaneously and do parameter sweeps with zero hardware and software footprint.

World class security

To ensure optimal data security, all data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Our cloud-platform is constantly maintained and upgraded for optimal experience for all. Treble is protected with strict data protection and privacy standards to give you peace of mind.

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