The sound engine for virtual worlds

Bring hyper realistic audio soundscapes to your virtual and alternate reality platforms.
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Virtual sound engine

Immersive sound for virtual reality platforms

Treble is already working with world leading companies within the tech space on bringing hyper realistic audio soundscapes to metaverse applications.

Unprecedented accuracy

Treble’s proprietary simulation technology enables virtual prototyping and synthetic audio generation with previously unattainable accuracy.

Seamless workflow

Generate hyper-realistic listening experiences in virtual domains, integrated into industry standard gaming engines and metaverse platforms.

Experience how your design sounds

Step into your 3D models, walk around and interact with your design in a real-time audio-visual virtual experience. Get an intuitive feeling for your space.

Uppsala City Hall

Treble’s Virtual Acoustics software was used to generate an immersive audio-visual representation of a large atrium space in the new Uppsala City Hall in Sweden in collaboration with Henning Larsen Architects, during the building design process.

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