Create room acoustic simulations with ease and accuracy

With Treble's Acoustic Simulation Software, you can generate interactive, real-time, immersive audio-visual auralizations of your acoustic modeling projects with the click of a button, making it easy to compare design iterations and make better informed decisions from your acoustic analysis.

Instantly access the world’s fastest sound simulation technology

Accurately and efficiently design and optimize the acoustics of buildings and other 3D models. Step into your models and interact with your designs in a real-time audio-visual experience.

Treble Value proposition

Unprecedented accuracy in architectural acoustics with a seamless workflow

Treble’s acoustic modeling software uses the world’s fastest wave-based sound simulation technology, which can run up to 1000 times faster than other acoustic software. This allows you to design and optimize sound and acoustics in a revolutionary way.

Accurate wave-based simulations

Treble’s proprietary wave-based simulation technology enables highly accurate room acoustic measurements.

Up to 1000x faster than the state of the art

Academic research shows that Treble’s wave-based simulation technology is up to 100-1000x faster than state of the art wave-based solutions.

Authentic audio-visual auralization

Generate immersive audio-visual virtual listening experiences with great perceptual authenticity.

Seamless workflow

Live link connections to industry standard 3D modeling tools, and increase your productivity with our modern and intuitive web-based user interface.

Unlimited scalability

Our cloud-based platform enables you to run thousands of simulations simultaneously and do parameter sweeps with zero hardware and software footprint.

World class security

To ensure optimal data security, all data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Our cloud-platform is constantly maintained and upgraded for optimal experience for all. Treble is protected with strict data protection and privacy standards to give you peace of mind.

Live-link connection to SketchUp

Preparing 3D models for acoustic simulations has never been easier. Instantly upload your models via the Treble plug-in – no need to export and import 3D model files. Make changes on geometry and improve your designs in seconds.

Live-link to sketchup
Treble Acoustic Simulation Suite

Powerful features

  • Reduce risk and overdesign with accurate simulations

    Cutting-edge simulation engine

    A highly accurate simulation engine that combines ultra-efficient wave-based and pressure based geometrical acoustics methods. Model any size and shape of rooms and complex phenomena such as diffraction, phase, and interference.

  • Innovate faster with cloud-native simulation

    Cloud-native simulations

    Instant access anywhere & anytime from a browser without any special hardware. No VPN or remote desktop needed. Virtually unlimited simultaneous simulations at any scale. All history backed up. Seamless collaboration with colleagues and external partners. 

  • Immersive Auralization

    Experience your designs

    Set up auralizations in a heartbeat, step into your 3D model and experience the design in an immersive audio-visual experience. Compare simulations on the fly, move around the space and communicate acoustics designs with ease.

  • Study the spatial distribution of sound and acoustic parameters with colormaps.

    Surface Receivers

    Surface Receivers enable you to visualize the sound pressure distribution on any surface with heat maps.

  • Sources & Receivers

    Directional sound source modelling

    Easily and accurately study the interaction between complex acoustic sources / sound systems and acoustic environments. Treble comes with a large database of sound sources and also allows you to import your own loudspeakers and sound systems. (Coming soon)

  • Analyze acoustics and soundscapes

    Detailed analysis capabilities

    Analyse a wide variety of acoustic parameters as well as highly accurate impulse responses and frequency responses.

  • Model boundaries with greater detail than ever before

    Large material database

    Treble’s simulation engine allows for precise modeling of surface conditions, including both energy absorption and phase shifts. A large database of carefully crafted surface conditions is included in the product, as well as the ability to import your own materials. 

  • Get access to instant support

    Live Chat Support

    You can now chat with our expert team in real time with our live chat support feature! Our Live Chat support is available from 9.00am to 5.00pm UTC from Monday to Friday.

Demo of Treble Acoustic Simulation Suite

We are continuously improving Treble Acoustic Simulation Suite. See our upcoming and newly released features.

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Case Studies

Tried and tested in the real world

Uppsala City Hall

Treble’s proprietary simulation technology enables virtual prototyping and synthetic audio generation with previously unattainable accuracy.

COWI open plan office

Academic research shows that Treble’s wave-based simulation technology is up to 100-1000x faster than state of the art wave-based solutions.

Cinncinnati College of Business

Live link connections to industry standard 3D modeling tools and gaming engines. A modern and user-friendly web-based user interface.


The Treble Acoustic Simulation Suite is a groundbreaking piece of software, allowing us to work much faster, quickly hear the results via auralization and be much more confident about our room acoustic designs!
Jannik Enders
Project Engineer
Akustik Bureau Dresden

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