19 September 2023

Training Webinar #2

Join our live training sessions to get up to speed on how to best use Treble Acoustic Simulation Suite for your acoustic projects.

Learn how to create amazing acoustic simulations with Treble

Jesper will go through all the steps involved in the modeling workflow and creating acoustic simulations for in-depth analysis. Amongst other things, you will learn:

  • How our simulation engine works
  • How to import your geometries into Treble
  • How to assign materials to your geometry
  • How to input sources and receivers
  • How to set up surface receivers
  • How to analyze acoustic parameters for your simulations
  • How to hear your designs in the Auralizer
September 19th at 1.00pm UTC - Duration: 1h

Follow in real-time

In order to follow along in real-time, you will need to be a paying customer or an active Trial user. You can sign up for a free trial with the link below.
The training sessions will also include a live Q&A session for you to ask any questions you may have along the way.

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27 September 2023

Live webinar: Treble Success Stories & New Features

Join us for this exclusive webinar where you will hear from some of our customers who have used Treble’s Acoustic Simulation Suite to achieve amazing results in their acoustic design and engineering. Joining us are acoustic experts Bradley Alexander& Ethan Bourdeau, as well as Finnur Pind who will be showcasing the newest features of Treble Acoustic Simulation Suite
18 September 2023

Treble simulation of empty rectangular rooms with porous absorbers

The sound field in a rectangular empty room becomes more or less two-dimensional with a porous ceiling absorber since the vertical sound field energy diminishes more quickly than for the horizontal sound field. In such a condition, the porous ceiling absorber can lower the reverberation time effectively at low frequencies. This documentation shows how the sound field changes with two different porous layer configurations in both measurements and treble simulations.
30 August 2023

Training Webinar - On Demand

Re-watch our recent training webinar in which Jesper Pedersen goes through all the steps involved in the modeling workflow and creating acoustic simulations for in-depth analysis.