20 February 2023

Finnur Pind: Entrepreneur of the year 2023 at the Stjórnvísi Management Awards

Finnur Pind, CEO and Co-founder of Treble Technologies, wins the Entrepreneur of the year 2023 at the Stjórnvísi Management Awards in Iceland.

Dr. Finnur Pind, CEO and co-founder of Treble Technologies, has been named the Entrepreneur of the year 2023 at the Stjórnvísi Management Awards in Iceland. The prestigious awards ceremony, held on 20 February at Nauthóll with the presence of the President of Iceland, recognized the outstanding achievements of Icelandic managers in various fields.

Dr. Pind is a leading expert in audio engineering, with a Master’s degree from Danish Technical University (DTU) in 2013 and a PhD in 2020. He also worked as a sound consultant at Efla engineering firm and collaborated with top researchers from EPFL and Virginia Tech on groundbreaking innovations in sound simulation.

In 2020, he founded Treble Technologies (us!) with his DTU colleague Jesper Pedersen, who also has extensive experience and knowledge in audio simulation.

The award was given in recognition of Treble Technologies' rapid international recognition and secured partnerships with some of the world’s biggest technology companies, such as Google, Samsung and Meta, as well as car manufacturer Volvo and renowned architectural firm Henning Larsen.

The jury praised Dr. Pind for his entrepreneurial work that has created jobs and other value in the market based on strong research work. This award is a token of appreciation for his important role model for Icelandic innovation and entrepreneurship.

Congratulations to Dr. Finn Pind, for winning the 2023 Board of Directors Recognition for Entrepreneurship!


The 2023 jury consisted of the following:

Borghildur Erlingsdóttir, Chair of the Adjudication Committee and CEO of the Intellectual Property Office, presented the jury's findings. The President of Iceland, Mr. Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, presented the prize and gave an address.

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