12 July 2023

Round Robin 3 Case Study


The round robin 3 study examined a small but complex room with special diffusors. The room was measured and the material properties of all surfaces in the room were obtained in octave bands 125 Hz - 4k Hz. The study compared over 20 simulation tools to simulate the studio room of PTB institute. Results were given both with open curtains and closed curtains. The Schroeder frequency of this room is calculated Hz. A strong standing wave was present in the room and a large part of the wall area could be covered with curtains.

Key findings

  • Treble's wave-based solver can show how T30 changes with different positions, while the other GA software simulations can’t.
  • Treble's wave-based solver can predict T30 well at low frequencies, while the other GA software simulations overestimate absorption.
  • At higher frequencies, Treble's GA solver simulations underestimated less compared to other software's GA simulations.

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