31 January 2024

Optimization of small room for critical listening using Treble

audics sets new standards for precision, efficiency and human-centered acoustic design with Treble Technologies.

audics is an audio and acoustics engineering company specializing in innovative solutions for room acoustic planning, 3D soundscapes and spatial computing. With the cloud-based Acoustic Simulation Suite from Treble Technologies, audics is able to analyze and optimize sound propagation in rooms based on wave theory.

This paper is the first in a three-part case study to demonstrate the accuracy and benefits of wave-based 3D simulation of a small voice production studio.

Optimization of a small room for critical listening using Treble

Part 1

The study shows:

  • How the simulation can capture the room modes and the interference with the boundary surfaces over the entire area of the room.
  • How the positioning of the loudspeakers and the acoustic measures can be planned and validated with the simulation.
  • This makes it possible for the first time to avoid high measurement costs and position room acoustics measures with pinpoint accuracy.

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