01 March 2023

On-demand webinar: The launch of the Treble simulation platform

Are you interested in learning about the future of sound simulation and spatial audio?

On March 1st, we launched Treble, a new cloud-based, wave-based sound simulation platform. To commemorate the launch, we hosted a special launch webinar featuring Dr. Cheol-Ho Jeong, Associate Professor at the Technical University of Denmark, and Dr. Finnur Pind, CEO and Founder of Treble Technologies, where they provided a comprehensive overview of room acoustics and room acoustic simulation, and showcased the capabilities of Treble, the sound simulation software that’s making waves in the world of acoustics.


- Design, simulation, and virtual prototyping of room acoustics: challenges and opportunities. Cheol-Ho Jeong, Associate Professor at the Technical University of Denmark.

- Inside look at Treble, the sound simulation software that’s making waves in the world of acoustics – literally. Finnur Pind, CEO & founder of Treble Technologies.

- Live audience Q&A with the keynote speakers.

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Abstract of the webinar

Room acoustic simulation: challenges and opportunities

Dr. Cheol-Ho Jeong, Associate professor in Acoustics at Technical University of Denmark.

Cheol-Ho will provide a short insight into room acoustic simulation, its challenges, and its opportunities. Room acoustics has been an active research field throughout history, which reflects the human race’s enthusiasm toward healthy and sustainable indoor acoustic environments. Simulations and scale models are used in the design stage for experimenting with room acoustics, particularly in acoustically important buildings, such as concert halls. Room acoustic simulations have become more accurate and versatile over time, and consequently acousticians have quite several simulation/reproduction tools suitable for various purposes. However, there still are challenges and bottlenecks that makes the collaborative workflow with other parties difficult and time consuming. Recently we witness more and more advances in virtual prototyping and digitalization technologies, and room acoustics is no exception. In this talk, Cheol-Ho will present current technological trends, challenges, and opportunities in simulating and virtual prototyping of room acoustics with recent examples from building designs and indoor climate evaluations.

Inside look at Treble, the sound simulation software that’s making waves in the world of acoustics – literally.

Dr. Finnur Pind, Founder and CEO at Treble Technologies.

Treble is a new sound simulation and sound rendering software platform. It features groundbreaking simulation technology, combined with a seamless cloud-based workflow and unique capabilities for generating immersive audio-visual virtual experiences. This enables professionals working with sound, acoustics and spatial audio, e.g. in building design, pro-audio, audio equipment, automotive industries, and VR/AR/XR to work more effectively, virtually prototype with greater confidence, and communicate designs with stakeholders in a completely new and engaging way. The core of the platform is Treble’s proprietary wave-based sound simulation technology, which is up to 1000x faster than current state of the art wave-based simulation methods. This simulation technology enables highly accurate acoustic simulations within short runtimes, even in large scale problems. The tool is completely web-based and cloud-based, which yields complete flexibility and scalability; users can run an unlimited number of simulations simultaneously. The platform is “live-linked” to 3D modeling tools such as SketchUp and Rhino, which creates a fast and intuitive workflow between 3D modeling and acoustic simulations. With the click of a button, interactive, real-time, immersive audio-visual auralizations make it easy to compare design iterations and help stakeholders make better informed decisions.

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