01 February 2024

Treble Acoustic Simulation Suite Wins Best Ease of Use from Capterra

We’re thrilled to announce that we have been recognized as an impactful software solution for businesses by Gartner Digital Markets. Treble Acoustic Simulation Suite has been recognized in the simulation software category.

Treble Acoustic Simulation Suite Wins Best Ease of Use from Capterra

Best ease of use

We have always strived to achieve higher customer satisfaction, which is why Treble Acoustic Simulation Suite has been a top-rated product on all Gartner Digital Markets sites, with an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5. We would like to thank all our users for supporting us and making this possible!

"It's really great to get this acknowledgement that our users value what we have created. We are always striving to create the best experience for our users, combing all the inputs and properties that an acoustic engineer would need, with an easy to use interface that anyone could navigate though, even without being an expert in the field. This win gives us even more fire to keep going and developing innovative and easy to use features for the Treble Acoustic Simulation Suite!" - Úlfur Einarsson, Software Developer at Treble


“Very time-efficient workflows that ease the work burden associated with creating acoustic design variants. Accurate modeling of mid to low frequencies is essential to designing the acoustic aspects of venues that lead to the Lombard effect in the hospitality industry.” (Source: Capterra)

“Treble is extremely easy to create, manipulate, and share audio and predictive demonstrations of room acoustics with unheard-of speeds. My clients love the ability for us to collectively manipulate their designs in real-time and then see/hear the results in mere minutes.” (Source: Capterra)

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