About Treble

Treble Technologies was founded in early 2020 by Dr. Finnur Pind and Jesper Pedersen, a couple of acoustic engineers with extensive experience and expertise in sound simulation. Having spent a good part of a decade researching and developing cutting-edge sound simulation technology and processes, they joined forces to bring this next generation technology to market, with the vision of enabling designers of the built environment to create a better sounding world.

The research work which serves as the basis of Treble was done at The Technical University of Denmark (DTU), in close collaboration with Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) and Virgina Tech. This work was led by leading scientists in the field of acoustics and scientific computing, most of whom are closely involved in Treble Technologies today.

The company is based in the city center of Reykjavík, Iceland.

Our Team

Dr. Finnur Pind CEO & co-founder

PhD in sound simulation technology. Extensive experience within acoustics, applied mathematics and software engineering.

Jesper Pedersen COO & co-founder

Acoustic engineer with substantial expertise in simulation and virtual prototyping.

Gunnar Hauksson CCO

Over a decade experience in sales- and marketing management, entrepreneurship and business development.

Ingimar Andersen CTO

Expert full stack software developer with significant experience in AEC software development.

Guðrún Óskarsdóttir Lead audio engineer

Acoustic engineer with substantial experience in spatial audio and signal processing.

Kristján Einarsson CMO

MSc in marketing. Extensive experience in managing marketing efforts in the IT sector. Skilled in CRM optimization for sales and marketing.

Jón Stefánsson Sr. Software engineer

Over a decade experience as a software engineer for the biggest IT companies in Iceland. Knowledgeable in everything that comes to software development.

Dr. Alessia Milo Audio VR specialist

PhD in soundscape perception. Experienced in computational design, virtual acoustics, 3D modeling and audio visualization.

Dr. Matthias Cosnefroy Simulation specialist

PhD in acoustics with a broad experience in wave-based numerical methods, signal processing and measurements.

Steinar Guðjónsson Acoustic engineer

Acoustic engineer with substantial experience in FEM simulations and product development.

Úlfur Einarsson Software developer

Full stack web developer with a BS in Computer Science. Background in creative design and music.

Sébastien Nouat Software engineer

Backend software developer fluent in high- and low-level languages.

Sara Þorsteinsdóttir Jr. Software developer

BSc in software engineering and experience in data visualization

Jóhannes Einarsson DSP engineer

Acoustic Engineer MSc with substantial experience in software development and Digital Signal Processing.

Díana Rúnarsdóttir Executive Assistant

BSc in Business Administration with focus on management from the University of Iceland.

Róberta Andersen Software developer

Software specialist with a BSc in Computer Science. Skilled in full-stack programming, CI/CD pipelines and general software design.

Dr. Sölvi Þrastarson Simulation specialist

PhD in seismology and wave physics. Experience in wave-based numerical methods and optimization.

Daníel Þór Wilcox DSP engineer intern

MSc student in Signal Processing and Machine Learning with experience in software development.

Sophia Julia Feriani PhD fellow

Building engineer currently conducting in collaboration with Treble Technologies a PhD project on Environmental Noise Prediction for Urban Planning.

Jonas Karlberg PhD fellow

PhD student in Virtual Acoustics with experience in room acoustic design, spatial audio and sound design. The PhD project will investigate the perceptual aspects of Virtual Acoustics.

Satish Bonthu PhD fellow

M.Tech in Engineering Mechanics. CFD specialist with more than a decade experience in Aeroacoustic, Flow and Thermal simulations.

Erin Driscoll PhD fellow

PhD student in electrical engineering studying partial coherence properties of sound and its applications in acoustics and spatial audio signal processing.

Treble scientific advisory board

Dr. Jan S. Hesthaven Professor, Chair of Computational Mathematics & Simulation Science, EPFL.

Expertise in mathematical and computational modeling of complex systems, computational mathematics and physics, and the use of machine learning in engineering applications.

Dr. Cheol-Ho Jeong Associate professor, Acoustic Technology, DTU.

Expertise in architectural acoustics, acoustic simulation, acoustic material characterization and modelling, acoustic measurements, and multi-sensory perception.

Dr. Allan P.
Engsig-Karup Associate professor, Scientific Computing, DTU.

Expertise in modern scientific computing methods, advanced computing applications for engineering and high-performance computing for industrial scale applications. Co-founder of DTU’s GPUlab and research engineering director in the private sector.

Dr. Rúnar Unnþórsson Professor, Ind. Engineering, Mech. Engineering and Computer Science, Uni. Iceland.

Expertise in acoustics, 3D audio, audio-tactile stimulation, performance engineering and human-computer interaction.

Treble board of directors

Jesper Pedersen

COO, co-founder and chairman of the board.

Haukur Oddsson

Over 20-year management experience at highest level within the Icelandic financial industry. CEO at Borgun ehf from 2007-2017. A long track-record of board-membership and mentoring in smaller tech businesses and startups.

Dr. Jakob

Partner and director of innovation at Henning Larsen Architects, a globally recognized voice in the AEC industry, particularly within sustainable building design and digitalization.

Sigþór Sigmarsson

Director at Novator and private investor. 20 year experience in finance, including banking, treasury, private equity and VC. Educated as Electrical engineer and focused on investments in the field of telecoms, tech and biotech.