Treble solution

We offer a ground-breaking cloud-based sound simulation software platform with a cutting-edge proprietary simulation technology at its core.
Treble’s technology is based on years of R&D, done in collaboration with leading universities. The technology is up to 1000x faster than current technologies, resulting in a complete paradigm shift in how simulation can be used to design and optimize sound.

Moreover, with this technology it is for the first time possible to generate perceptually authentic sound in the virtual world. Finally, by offering an online platform with zero hardware and software footprint, we enable a new seamless and collaborative workflow, reducing time-to-results from weeks to minutes. Our technology has been proven to solve pressing problems faced by various industries via numerous pilot projects.

Unprecedented accuracy

Treble’s high-fidelity simulation algorithm captures all important acoustic phenomena such as diffraction, interference, occlusion, directionality, extended reaction and phase with high precision, even in highly detailed and complicated geometries. This contrasts with most other solutions available on the market, which rely on ray-tracing technology that neglects the wave nature of sound and is ill-suited for complex geometries.

Trustworthy results

With accurate and trustworthy simulation results, designers can be sure that their designs fulfill design criteria and regulation/certification requirements. This circumvents the need for “overdesigning”, which can have a negative impact on the aesthetics and waste building materials. Inaccurate acoustic simulations can result in either poor sound environments or costly retrofitting of buildings after they are built.

Better simulation – better designs – happier customers

Higher quality simulations make it possible to deliver better designs and healthier indoor climates. This contributes to reducing stress, increasing productivity and improving well-being, ultimately helping designers design something that not only looks good but also functions well.

3D visualization of a wave-based simulation in an open plan office

3D visualization of a wave-based simulation in a car

Streamlined workflow

Treble’s solutions make it possible for designers to perform acoustic analyses and listen to their designs in mere minutes. This shortens the feedback loop between design and analysis, thus enabling users to cut costs and engage in more interactive, creative and rapid design.

Work with sound in your 3D modelling software of choice

Treble is designed as a plug-in into industry leading 3D modelling software, such as Rhino and Revit. Save valuable time by working with sound simulation within your preferred 3D modelling software. No more time wasted on exporting 3D models into standalone programs and having to re-setup simulations every time the design changes. This way, iterative design becomes extremely easy and efficient.

Better results faster

Treble employs highly optimized massively parallel cloud-computing to vastly reduce computation times while simultaneously providing ultra-high accuracy. Cloud computing is a cornerstone of our products that enables performing high fidelity simulations and sound renderings in handful of minutes, as opposed to several hours or even days.

Immersive audio-visual AR/VR

With sound being an intangible and non-material phenomenon, it can be challenging for designers and stakeholders to intuitively experience and assess the quality of their designs. Treble’s groundbreaking audio-visual VR technology changes this by enabling designers to create more meaningful, realistic and impressive interactive building models.

Bring your architectural models to life

With Treble’s revolutionary virtual acoustics technology, designers and other stakeholders can step into, walk around and experience how their designs look and sound at the same time. This implies a completely new level of design and client engagement and makes it easy for everyone involved to make informed decisions. Experience your building before it is built.

Change your design on-the-fly

In the virtual experience, users can modify the design in real time, such as changing material properties or modifying the geometry, and experience the impact the change has on the lighting, the aesthetics and the soundscape.

Communicate acoustic designs effectively

For non-experts it can be hard to understand technical graphs and numbers relating to acoustics and soundscapes. Allowing customers and other stakeholders to simply experience the different design options provides a reliable way to communicate sound related matters to non-experts.

Holistic VR analysis demo

Empowers all members of the value chain

Whether you are an acoustic engineer, an architect, an urban planner or building owner, Treble’s solutions are tailored towards your needs.

Simple workflow and UI designed for non-experts

Treble is working with leading architectural firms on developing a sound simulation software that caters to the needs of architects and other non-sound-experts. This software is centered around an intuitive interface and a workflow, allowing architects to incorporate, analyze and experience the soundscapes of their designs in an easy and efficient way.

Full-fledged analysis capabilities for experts

Treble will furthermore offer a full-fledged engineering software catered towards acoustics experts that offers the highest fidelity simulation capabilities, along with detailed analysis features for ensuring top notch acoustics in even the most challenging projects.

Flexible licensing model

Treble’s licensing model, which consists of a combination of a moderate monthly subscription and pay-as-you-go cloud computing, allows small and large businesses to employ our products without having to commit to a large up-front investment. This way, we both cater to frequent and infrequent users, who are now able to better scale usage vs. cost of simulation software.