12 December 2023

Treble Success Stories & New Collaborative Features

December 12th - 2:00pm UTC - 9:00am EST

Hear from our customers & discover our new collaborative features

The agenda for this webinar:

  • "Acoustic and geometrical modelling of small rooms and spaces with real world comparisons" with Ólafur Hafstein Pjetursson from Trivium Consultancy
  • "New collaborative & enhanced features for Treble Acoustic Simulation Suite" with Finnur Pind from Treble Technologies
  • Live Q&A
Ólafur Hafstein Pjetursson - Senior Acoustic Engineer, Trivium Consultancy

Acoustic and geometrical modelling of small rooms and spaces with real world comparisons

Trivium ráðgjöf is an acoustic consultancy based in Reykjavík. Founded in 2003, the company specializes in building and environmental acoustics and has been involved in the design of some of the largest building projects in Iceland. Room acoustics and simulations have been of special interest to Ólafur over the course of his professional career.
In this webinar, you will learn from Ólafur Hafstein Pjetursson, an expert in modelling small spaces and rooms. He will demonstrate how he creates realistic models and how simulations done in Treble compares to actual measurements.

Finnur Pind

New Collaborative & Enhanced Features

Finnur Pind will be demonstrating some of the new features coming soon to Treble Acoustic Simulation Suite:

  • DXF import: Import your own 3D models in a dxf. format and use them in Treble
  • Shared auralization: Share your auralizations by sending a link or an email to someone and then displaying the result on their device
  • CLF improvements : On-axis correction and source power & EQ settings
  • Updated sound library: New sounds for the Auralizer
  • Shared materials: Share materials within an organization
  • Shared directivity patterns: Share directivity patterns within an organization
  • Sneak peek preview of shared spaces: Share a space within an organization

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